Rodenbach Vintage

Bottle: 750ml Bottle
Barrels: 20L
Alcohol Volume: 7% ABV
Color and Appearance: Deep muted red and brown, slightly translucent
Aroma: Mildly fruity esters with hints of wine and oak
Flavor: Rodenbach Vintage is a unique unblended Flemish Red-Brown ale that is matured for 2 years in 4,000 gallon (180 hl) oak casks, truly making it a superior Grand Cru. Only the best casks are used, after which I subject the ale to a strict sampling selection. The selected casks are elevated in rank to the Vintage standards for that year. Rodenbach Vintage has a unique balanced sweet-sour taste and a long, fresh, fruity aftertaste reminiscent of an Oloroso sherry. It has been honored with several ale awards as best in its category.